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Working mama

Back to work? How to make a successful transition

By January 31, 2016 No Comments

Guest post by Simone Hiebner

Looking back to the fog and haze that is life with a newborn, I remember that feeling of dread as the calendar ticked closer to returning to work – sure I loved my job, sure I work from home so there’s flexibility, but still HOW was it all really going to work out? We researched ideas and thought hey, babywearing could be the viable option!

How babywearing helped our back to work transition

No doubt you’ve read the dozens of benefits of carrying your little one close, but there’s one reason that’s made an enormous difference to our little family: Babywearing has helped me ease back into work, in a big way.

With my little one snoozing against my chest, I’m able to do my job. Emails, writing, planning – it can happen during nap times, or those times when she just wants to be close. I feel better, she feels better, and it has felt like an extension of my maternity leave to be able to spend so much quality time with her during these early months.

Of course, there’s a juggle being a work at home mom with a baby. It’s a baby carrier, not a magic wand. Firstly, I have a tall baby so sitting with her is not an option – which means I have a standing desk – it works well for me, but being on your feet most of the day can be tricky (and dropping the laptop charger on the ground is painful).

Phone calls with a sleeping baby on you? Not ideal (unless they’re still in that ‘sleep through you binge watching Scandal’ stage). Some days naps are boycotted, her changing table becomes a wrestling ring at nappy changes, she’s trying to master news skill and gets cranky (or am I the cranky one?), and all the while the emails build up along with the usual mom stresses, but even then – there’s the carrier. A chance for a stroll to the shops (pram free!) to get another pack of baby wipes (how is it possible to go through so many!?) or one of the other 101 things that keep running out. Or even just a takeaway decaf and a change of scene to help spark a creative work idea, or mull over a proposal. Sometimes I even remember the cat food.

Months of carrying her have helped me tune in to her feeding cues and meet her needs quicker than I would’ve if she weren’t right on me. When she’s sleepy, we both get some well deserved fresh air in the garden as she drifts off and I tiptoe back indoors to catch up on the day’s work over Skype. Of course, our reality will need to change soon – as she grows the naps are shorter and awake times more demanding, and then there’s work. We need an extra set of hands, but we’ll still have our babywearing moments to reconnect.

On our best days, the carrier is amazing, on our worst days? It’s indispensable.

Thanks to Simone Hiebner for sharing her babywearing experience with us! If you have your own back to work / babywearing experience, we’d love to hear from you, feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

Shannon McLaughlin

About Shannon McLaughlin

Shannon is a mama to her busy little toddler Leo, who is the inspiration behind her business, Ubuntu Baba. She strives to create the simplest and comfiest baby carrier on the market, helping new moms to step out into the world again with confidence, freedom and style.

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