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Caring for your Ubuntu Baba

Washing Instructions:

  • Fasten all buckles (to avoid the straps becoming tangled) and wash your carrier in your washing machine with like colours on a COOL WASH cycle.
  • DO NOT hang in direct sunlight to dry.
  • If hand washing, DO NOT SOAK in water for long periods of time as hemp is a natural fibre and the dye may run or fade.
  • DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER – it will make the breathable hemp fabric stiff and sticky.
  • DO NOT tumble dry or dry clean.

Storage Instructions:

  • Use the shoulder sling carrier bag provided with your baby carrier to keep your carrier folded up and stored away neatly when not in use.
  • Hemp fabric has anti-bacterial properties and is mould and mildew resistant so you shouldn’t have an issue storing it in a cupboard for long periods of time.