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Does your toddler do this too?

The above photos were taken by my nanny who has never used an iPhone before! Go Rachel!

Yay, finally our Stage 2 toddler carriers come with a hood! The next obstacle is to try and get a toddler to leave it on…

Well I must admit I hardly ever use the hood because when I put my son to sleep I usually do it with him on the front (so that I can kiss his cute little face), and then once he’s asleep I put him in his bed. But if I am out and about and he happens to fall asleep then the hood comes in handy so that his head doesn’t flop around, especially when he’s on my back.

A lot of Moms have queried why I never added the hood to our toddler carrier to begin with, so I thought I’d share my main reason with you.

In ALL of the other carriers I’ve tried, I cannot seem to put the hood on by myself if my toddler is on my back, because I have T-Rex arms and I cannot reach the damn straps that I need to secure it onto my shoulders. That said, even if by some chance I managed to grab one of them, my arms aren’t long enough to then pull it up and over his head. So I wasn’t happy to launch the toddler carrier with a hood that I couldn’t use by myself when home alone.

So I’ll let you in on a little secret, my Dad (who is the best Dad in the world!) is my pattern designer and he came up with this clever idea to add a zip onto the front of our pocket and hide the hood in there, not only is it out of the way when you aren’t using it, it means it hangs much lower so that my little T-Rex arms can reach it!! Yay! And then we added a short elastic so that it can stretch up and over babies head and secure easily to the shoulder straps.

See how low the hood hangs? (Carrier is set to baby size in this pic, it can be set to toddler size which is a lot longer in the body)


I’m so super pleased with this design! During the next few months we’ll be doing some professional photoshoots to show you just how versatile this carrier is. In the photo above I have the carrier set to the smallest size, because when Leo’s not sleepy, he likes to ride with his arms out. When the carrier is set at the full size, it takes him right up to the nape of his neck, which means I can wear him for many months (probably years) to come. Yip, I’m going to be that Mom forcing my 4 year old to get on my back!

I’m also in search of some gorgeous Moms and babies for our upcoming shoots, so stay tuned for news on how to enter yourselves and your squishes soon!

Shannon McLaughlin

About Shannon McLaughlin

Shannon is a mama to her busy little toddler Leo, who is the inspiration behind her business, Ubuntu Baba. She strives to create the simplest and comfiest baby carrier on the market, helping new moms to step out into the world again with confidence, freedom and style.

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