Meet our team

Proudly South African

Manufacturing team

Behind every great product, is a team of great people, and these are our people. As a 100% South African manufacturer, we focus on providing great value for money, functional design and lifetime durability. Each and every one of the baby carriers that leave the Ubuntu Baba factory floor have been meticulously inspected by our professional staff so you can be rest assured you’re investing in only the finest quality product.

Shannon McLaughlin

Founder & Product Designer

The idea to start Ubuntu Baba came from being a frustrated first time Mom who had no idea what she was doing! All I knew was that my baby needed me 24/7, and the only way to make that work for both of us was to have him on my body. It fills my heart with great joy to know that as you're reading these words, there are hundreds of new mama's out there, hugging their tiny humans in their own UB carriers.

Paul McLaughlin

Head of Manufacturing

My Dad is the man that took my idea of designing my own baby carrier and made it a reality (with lots of nagging from me!) With 40+ years of knowledge and experience in the textile and manufacturing industry, he runs the show at the factory and is involved with everything from creating the patterns to testing our products with his (very cute) grandson.

Heléne Brink

Brand Manager

An amazing mama to three beautiful girls, Heléne has been with us from the very beginning, when Ubuntu Baba was still a twinkling little star in the sky. Her creative spirit is contagious and she brings so much good energy into everything she does. We are more than blessed to have Heléne and her in-depth advertising industry experience on our team.

Megan Eadie

Operations Coordinator

Megan makes sure your orders get from our inbox to your front door as quickly and as beautifully as possible, and that they're sprinkled with magical sleepy dust in the process (yes we really do that!) Mama to 1 gorgeous little girl, she works from our factory in Retreat and also assists with 1-on-1 babywearing consultations and making sure you're 100% happy with your purchase.

Samantha Aitken

Social Communications Manager

A qualified radiotherapist and mama to the sweetest baby girl, Sam was so helpful in our Facebook group that we thought, why not hire her? A lover of all things babywearing she has helped many a new Mom achieve the 'babywearing sleep coma' that we all strive for. On a side note, Sam once ran the 2 Oceans half marathon dressed in a unicorn polar fleece onesie for charity! And that's why we love her!

Olivia Fox

Instagram Manager

Owner of the super popular My Tiny Teepee, I fell in love with Olivia's Instagram feed about as quickly as I fell in love with her after we met. If she isn't laughing, she's crying about how much she loves her 2 little boys and she is honestly the most stylish human I've ever met. If you're looking for some beautiful babywearing inspiration, look no further than our Instagram feed, compliments of Liv.

Nicola Schoeman

Social Media Marketer

My biggest passion is motherhood. I live and breathe being a mom. The good, the bad and the very ugly is what makes a mom who she is. We're always searching for our motherhood rainbow and I know a lot of moms see so many gloomy clouds. Babywearing has been my answer to every problem and I hope to share the lessons I've learned along the way with other Moms out there.