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Our baby bump is growing!

No no, not my baby bump is growing, our baby bump, as in my baby Ubuntu Baba :) I say ‘our’ now, as I now have an awesome little team of people keeping this business going and making sure we put our best work out into the world. I think the most exciting thing for me in the process of creating this website, was adding the meet the team page! I love my tribe hard!

We’ve been in business for just over 2 years now and we’ve reached the point where we need to step it up a notch and get all business like and stuff. As of the 1st of March, we are registered for VAT. How fancy!

What does this mean for you?

I didn’t want to raise our pricing anymore as we already had our annual price increase on our carriers on the 1st of Feb, so we’ve actually made our products slightly cheaper and added in the VAT that way, so that you don’t have to feel any price rise. Coz I love my UB mama’s hard too!

What does this mean for us as a business?

It means we have to make and sell more carriers in order to turn the same amount of money to keep our little business going. So in light of this new challenge that lies ahead of us, I wanted to ask for a little help from you!

Help us share the babywearing love with new mama’s!

Please help us share the babywearing love by copying and pasting one of the lines below to your FB profile and linking to our FB page. I’ll be ever grateful to you and it can only be good karma to help another mama out on her journey!

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  1. Possibly my best baby purchase ever! https://www.facebook.com/ubuntubaba/
  2. For all the mama’s out there: ergonomic, comfortable, stylish! Check out https://www.facebook.com/ubuntubaba/
  3. It’s all about the sleepy dust! https://www.facebook.com/ubuntubaba/
  4. Or – leave us a review!

Thank you thank you for helping us share the love! It fills my heart with great joy to know that as you’re reading these words, there are hundreds of new mama’s out there, hugging their tiny humans in their own UB carriers. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Shannon McLaughlin

About Shannon McLaughlin

Shannon is a mama to her busy little toddler Leo, who is the inspiration behind her business, Ubuntu Baba. She strives to create the simplest and comfiest baby carrier on the market, helping new moms to step out into the world again with confidence, freedom and style.


  • Lisa says:

    Hi, I’m a mommy expecting her third baba in Port Elizabeth. I am a firm believer in baby wearing I had a sling with my first and a long stretchy fabric thingy with my second and loved it!!! I’m saving up to hopefully get me an Ubuntu before baby arrives in July :)

    Do you ever use agents to sell your products? I would be keen to try and get the carriers into the baby shops here in PE if that is something worthwhile for the business. I also understand that that may not be the way it works best in this day and age with internet shopping. I will be resigning from my half day job when baby is born so am trying to think of ways to still earn a little when I’m home with baby :)

    Lisa Stevenson

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