Hemp Face Masks

Washable & eco-friendly


Adult size only. Delivered within 3-4 working days. NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS ON MASKS for hygiene reasons. Size of mask: 20cms x 11cms – full coverage – see photos.

Please note: we are not allowing colour selection on masks at this point due to high demand. We have hemp fabric in a range of light, neutral colours and will send out what we have available.

  • Hemp is hypo-allergenic & naturally anti-bacterial
  • Hemp is 3 x stronger than cotton, durable
  • A sustainable alternative to other fabrics

Each mask comes with 5 x Brits D15 filters.

A Brits nonwoven filter element for masks disrupts the transport system for the virus by controlling and trapping the respiratory microdroplets of 5 micron and above generated by talking, coughing and sneezing. The filter allows the mask to entrap many smaller particles as well but is 95% effective for microdroplets above 5 micron.

Each filter can be used & sterilized 5 times and then a new filter needs to be inserted (instructions in packaging). If you leave the house once a week, 1 filter would last 5 weeks.

Extra filters are available to purchase if you run out, however we aren’t putting them up right now as we’re worried people will stock pile. When you run out, please contact us and we can assist. Alternatively you may use any other fabric, cotton or polycotton inside that pouch to create your own third layer fabric filter.

R5 from each mask sold will go towards Xchange Connexions COVID-19 Disaster Response Program.

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These are not medical grade, surgical masks and N95 respirators, which are in short supply globally and need to be preserved for our frontline health workers. Cloth masks can offer some protection from respiratory viruses, so long as the individual wearing them uses them properly and consistently. Masks should support other precautions such as frequent hand washing, limiting outings and social distancing. All new masks and filters must be sterilized before use.