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Stage 2 - Lenny Lamb Little Herringbone Inspiration

** UPDATE **
We have selected One Small Act of Kindness as our charity for year 1. They are currently supporting a lady named Queeny who they found sleeping on the streets under plastic bags with her 5 day old baby, Berlin, wrapped in only a towel. A safe place to stay and clothes have been organized however her breastmilk is drying up so they’re trying to raise funds to buy her formula as she was giving Berlin Cremora as formula. Thank you to Chantelle Adams for nominating this charity and this Mother and baby, we are so happy the funds are going to make a difference for them. We are also sending them an Ubuntu Baba Stage 1 carrier so she can keep Berlin close and safe wherever she goes. Thank you to everyone who purchased from our Ubuntu Baba Happiness Range and helped to make this donation possible and most importantly, thank you to Kelly Ann Strydom from One Small Act of Kindness for all the amazing work you do in the world and giving those less fortunate than us something to smile about again.
** UPDATE **

Bright, light and full of joy! That was the idea behind the Ubuntu Baba Happiness Range of limited edition carriers that we launched in August 2016. It’s a simple daily reminder that a smile is contagious and that the more we give, the more we receive.

10% of these carrier purchases go towards the Ubuntu Baba Happiness Fund and at the end of each business year (Feb), we select a local charity of our choice and donate the money to a very worthy cause.

So we’ve just reached the end of Year 1 of the fund and we currently have R4381.50 in our Happiness Fund! Yippee! It feels so nice to have been able to accumulate this money and now have the opportunity to do good with it.

Seen that this is your money that made this possible, we’d like to know from you who you would like us to donate the money to. Please comment below or send me an email and let me know who your favourite local charities are and we’ll choose the one that resonates most with us.

Thank you once again for your support and making the Ubuntu Baba Happiness Fund possible!

Shannon McLaughlin

Author Shannon McLaughlin

Designer and Founder of Ubuntu Baba carriers and Mom to her son Leo, who was the inspiration for starting her business. Shannon is passionate about helping new parents adjust to 'life with baby' through the art of babywearing and talking about the reality of motherhood in the 21st century.

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  • Amanda Alves says:

    Milk Matters is a great organisation coordinating the donation of breastmilk for premature and ill babies. Fits perfectly with the spirit of Ubuntu Baba :)

  • Izelle Retief says:


    I would like to nominate Milk matters breastmilk bank for premature babies.


  • Camilla Gilchrist says:

    Nehemia Safe House in Bothasig. Amy and Bronson Vos do amazing work and are so deserving. http://www.bothasig.co.za/

  • Chantelle Adams says:

    Hi Shannon,

    The charity One Small Act of Kindness supports a number of different people in need from children homes, old age homes and moms in need to name a few. They are currently supporting a lady Quinny who they found sleeping on the streets under plastic bags with her 5 day old baby, Berlin, wrapped in only a towel. A safe place to stay and clothes have been organized however her milk is drying up so they trying to raise funds to buy her formula as she was giving Berlin cremora as formula! Would be amazing if OSAofK could receive some of the funds to assist Quinny & Berlin 😀

    Regards, Chantelle

    • Thank you Chantelle, this story really resonated with us and we have selected Queeny & Berlin to receive the funds and we’re also sending them a Stage 1 baby carrier. Thank you so much for nominating them.

  • Zani Lamb says:

    Little Brinks is this awesome charity started by Katherine Brink who believed one person can make a difference addressing the hardship around. And she has. Pretty much from their home they have started a place of safety, assist families in need when no one else does, and run a weekly soup kitchen at Buren High. Every cent they come across goes into their charitable works. It is such an inspiring cause to support x

  • Nadiya Essack says:

    Hi Shannon. I would like to nominate Little Brinks. Their motto “helping those who cannot help themselves”. They have a Facebook page if you’d like to have a look.


  • Tamara says:

    I always donate to animal charities so that those who cannot help themselves can be helped on some way. Fallen Angels do such amazing work and are always looking for help.

  • Elme says:

    I agree with helping the fire victims…

    There is a lady called Nellie who is due to give birth this week who lost EVERYTHING. The owner of Frits Doggie Daycare is managing a fund to help her…check out their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/frits.smit.atfritsdoghotel or get in contact with Yanic the owner. I think your money will make a big impact on an individual’s life (rather than having the funds diluted in an organisation).

    Much love for this initiative. I am very proud to be associated with your product.


  • Kirsten says:

    This is awesome! The La Lucia Baby House is such a special place and would need a donation like this!

    It is a temporary home for abandoned babies in Durban.


  • Sheetal says:

    The Hout Bay disaster.
    So many lives destroyed

  • Janine Joemat says:

    Mowbray Maternity Hospital. A hospital dedicated to providing specialised care to women with medical complications during their pregnancy and sick new-born babies exclusively, would make such a worthy recipient for this donation. The Mowbray Maternity Health Facility Board accepts donations on behalf of the Hospital. Donations can either be ring-fenced for a specific purpose (for example, to support staff and ensure that they are able to provide the best possible care for patients; or for patients, for example to provide care packages to patients who need the basics to care for their babies, or even for the “bus-fare” fund that provides patients with money for public transport as many patients do not even have the resources to get home safely from hospital once they are discharged). Alternatively, the money can be donated for no specific purpose and be put to use according to the needs of the Hospital. The liaison person for the Board is Alison Pekeur. She can be contacted at alison.pekeur@mowbraymaternityhospital.co.za

    Thank you for considering the above.

  • Tracy-Lee says:

    Hi Shannon,
    I am normally the first one to advocate to an animal charity but maybe it would be a good idea to donate to Thula Thula Houtbay to help those that have been affected by the devastating fire that happened in Hout bay this weekend.

  • Heather Grout says:

    Hi Shannon.

    This is such a wonderful initiative. Not sure if you would consider an animal charity but “Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment” is a charity who is desperate for funds, they work in an area where there is major animal neglect and abuse and they would really appreciate the help. You can find their page on Facebook.


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