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Cands Aden

1 have just received my Ubuntu Baba Stage 1 carrier. Enthusiastically I placed my 4 month old baby inside and waited for the magic to happen! Well, all I can say is well done on an incredible product. My babe HATES baby carriers and for the first time, he happily sat inside sucking his fingers and gurgling away. Thank you,...

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Jocelyn Kaufholz

I just walked 5kms with my 3 month old in his carrier. I feel amazing because I was able to exercise, while my son had a leisurely nap for an hour. Now we are both in a wonderful mood!!

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Janice Joseph

Love the carrier. And so does my little one.
Helps when shopping instead of using a stroller and needing the lift.
Helps at home as well when I need to get work done any my baby needs to be close to me.
I highly recommend this product. Excellent service

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Rieka van Wyk

Brilliant designs, vibrant colours, supportive for your back and the extra mile the makers go to help you have the perfect fit is brilliant.

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Jason Norwood-Young

This is a great product made in SA. I bought it for Canadian family and their baby based on many recommendations and they loved it.

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Nicci Coertze

Thank you for creating a QUALITY baby wearing product made from locally made hemp products and not cheap, Chinese imported polyester. May your business go (and grow) from strength to strength!!

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Nicoléne Kriel

Ubuntu Baba is by far the best baby carriers in South Africa. Designed and manufactured proudly SA. Make sure you buy the original and not the cheap China knockoffs.

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Genai Scholtz

Absolutely amazing product. You CANNOT go wrong and such a good resale value as well. A must for every mom.

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Jason Sandell

We have one and it works. Please dont get the WOOLWORTHS knock off of this brand.

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Cara-Ann Potgieter

We love our Ubuntu carrier

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Françoise Vermeersch

The stage 1 is just heavenly: works for both daddy and mommy, sturdy and soft for the baby, fits intuitively, well finished, strong hemp fabric, great for summer and winter...

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Sam I-am Vorster

super comfortable for a healing c section scar aswell as for recovered back injuries. also very comfortable and easy to adjust for both men and women.
Our son loves his sling. despite living in a very hot area the sling is beautifully breathable allowing the comfort of a tight snuggle without anyone over heating.
can't recommend...

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Chanelle Day

We love our carrier! Puts our boy to sleep in minutes! Almost time for a stage 2!

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Linzi Isaacs

It really does work to calm and put baby to sleep.... I just carry on with my thing and Ubuntu works the magic. Super quality, looks great and we'll worth the investment 👍🏽👍🏽

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Cloudia Bromfield

So comfortable. Makes baby wearing an absolute pleasure. A MUST have

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Maleshoane Mokhuoa

it's it's a lifesaver. light, comfortable and pretty😍😍 but above all I know it's safe for my baby and she's always asleep within a few minutes it's it. it's saved me form a lot of heartache as a ftm over the past 6months

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Tanya Schutte

We have bought alot of carriers but nothing worked. Took a chance after a referral and OH MY GOODNESS- this is the best thing since sliced bread! Not only is mommy happy but baby too🙂 THANK YOU!

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Jessica Kearns

My husband and I both love our Ubuntu carrier so much!

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Alischa Chandre Cijster

They make baby wearing as safe as it can be!! Also comfortable for both mom and baby... ps. VERY comfortable for dad too ❤️

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Liza Mayke Roux

Not only the best carriers both Ubuntu Baba Stage 1 and Stage 2, but Shannon's business ethics is admirable! I love everything about this business and my Ubuntubaba carriers are the motherhood items that are most used and also most proudly shown off. Read my full review here, https://countrylivingsa.blog/2018/06/27/ubuntu-adventures/
Thank you for a fantastic product.

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Elanie Engelbrecht

Have stage 1 and stage 2 and is without a doubt one of my best buys ever!!! Ubuntu Baba is an amazing product with the best service!!!

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Milla Bolton

best investment you can make! saves you and your baby lot of tiers :)

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Laura Amy Marais

Awesome baby carrier. Received it as a gift and am so thankful. The sleepy dust is for real 👌🏽

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Eone Louw

Best carrier by far! their customer service is excellent and the stage 1 is a life safer.

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Susanne Lawnet

Excellent product made with love! Awesome personalized service and delivered so quick ❤️ Still using my stage 1 and will definitely order a stage 2 😍

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Corlea Swanepoel

This is my 3rd time purchasing an ubuntu and the service is outstanding everytime. User friendly website, fast delivery and that perfect personal touch! I have a back problem and your carriers are so comfortable and great quality making it a pleasure to wear baby anywhere. Thanks Shannon!

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Eugene Robb

the best buy/gift we received as 1st time parents and still using it after 16 months. Still the best way for Dad to get his girl to sleep.

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Sunette Kiessig Potgieter

It was the best thing ever, for traveling alone with my little girl to Canada. On 3 flights from SA I will recommend it for any parents love traveling.

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Rayhana Dadabhay

Bought UB a month ago, it’s the most comfy carrier, I carry my granddaughter of 6mnths without any discomfort. I think the only improvement would be if you could wear baby facing forward, shopping would be so interesting then

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Emily Walker

This is the best investment we have made for Thomas. It makes life so easy and he loves it! I'd be lost without it.

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