Recommended by Meg:

“This style of carrier is without question the most comfortable style to wear because the weight of your baby is taken on your hips, not only your shoulders. I used to have reservations about using an upright carrier with a newborn until I saw the Ubuntu Baba carrier – the babies head is well supported and there is a silk layered hoodie for over your little one’s head. This means support and comfort for your baby.”

~ Meg Faure, Baby Sense

Reviews from our UB Mamas:

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Jani Kruger
Jani Kruger5 ★10 hours ago
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Mari Cloete
Mari Cloete5 ★2 days ago

I have just received my Ub stage 1 carrier. Baby is due in December and I can not wait to test it out. Thank you very much for such a pretty carrier!!! ����

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Miekie van der Merwe
Miekie van der Merwe5 ★5 days ago

Ordered my stage 1 carrier last Sunday evening and received it early Tuesday morning. Been using my carrier every single day. Quick to put on and carry baby around. My little one is sleeping like an angel when I carry her around.

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Jo-Anne Williams
Jo-Anne Williams5 ★1 week ago

Absolutely amazing product. Purchased the stage one Ubuntu Baba carrier and couldn't be happier. It's easy to use and very comfortable, the quality is also fantastic. I also loved the personal touches with the delivery. Just fantastic.

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Tania Brewis
Tania Brewis5 ★1 week ago
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Monique Swart
Monique Swart5 ★1 week ago
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Shingirai Chimuti
Shingirai Chimuti5 ★2 weeks ago

I am beyond delighted with my Stage 1 - it's really awesome for both baby and and dad. It is really a worthy investment.

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Julia Harker
Julia Harker5 ★2 weeks ago
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Carla Charter
Carla Charter5 ★2 weeks ago
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Yolandi Fourie
Yolandi Fourie5 ★2 weeks ago

Megan heeded my call! I ordered on Thursday and my own Stage 1 was delivered the very next day after I explained to Megan that I needed it asap.

Wonderful product and service.

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Emma K Hill
Emma K Hill5 ★2 weeks ago

My new Stage 1 Ubuntu Carrier is absolutely gorgeous. Beautifully designed, the ladies were incredible in assisting me add on a pouch with zip as I will be taking my new Ubuntu baba to Scotland and England next month. Samantha was amazing to work with, super fast and helpful, thank you!

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Janise Cilliers
Janise Cilliers5 ★2 weeks ago
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Marié Enever
Marié Enever5 ★2 weeks ago

I am more than satisfied with my Stage 1! What an excellent product! Worth every cent. This carrier changed our lives. It is very comfortable, quick and easy to put on and adjust, stylish and practical with the storage bag and hood. The carrier makes life so much easier when out, when shopping, hiking, having to do housework, eat or...

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Debbie Harrower-Jones
Debbie Harrower-Jones5 ★2 weeks ago

Received yesterday. Bub is currently fast asleep, snuggybugs against my chest. Getting some housework done hahah. So far, I'm loving it. Thank you.

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Talitha Bonnet
Talitha Bonnet5 ★2 weeks ago

Love my Ubuntu Baba carrier. It is a life saver. I am particularly grateful for the instructional videos.

I prefer the Ubuntu carrier over my Wrap, as the Wrap can become loose and to tighten it, you have to re-wrap baba, however with the Ubuntu Baba, it's as simple as loosening the straps or tightening the...

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Ray Pearce
Ray Pearce5 ★3 weeks ago
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Natasha Tanya Sylvester
Natasha Tanya Sylvester5 ★3 weeks ago

I was introduced to the Ubuntu Baba by many new moms. Just months into using them they were already raving about this product. I had to purchase one!

It has been my best purchase so far, my little girl absolutely loves it and brings me so much comfort. She stays close to her mommy as well...

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Mandi Barensché
Mandi Barensché5 ★3 weeks ago

I am lucky enough to have snagged a limited edition stage 2 Mango UB and I am absolutely in love with it. My 17 month old absolutely loves the back carry and when I ask her if it's time for a walk she races to go fetch her carrier and brings it to me to put on. We've used it...

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Lelani Groenewald
Lelani Groenewald5 ★3 weeks ago
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Patricia Barda
Patricia Barda5 ★3 weeks ago
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Liezal Mostert
Liezal Mostert5 ★3 weeks ago
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Rayaanah Toyer Pansarey
Rayaanah Toyer Pansarey5 ★3 weeks ago

Have used the carrier a few times now when out and about especially places that are not wheel friendly for a pram. Helps a lot to have your hands free when you've got a new born and a toddler. Also love that I can manage to get baby into carrier and strapped to me without needing another pair of hands...

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Hanneke Barlow
Hanneke Barlow5 ★4 weeks ago

I was introduced to baby wearing by the Noo Noo Pie which was an absolute lifesaver & after struggling too much with regular carriers with my 1st born, I was very hesitant when I was offered an Ubuntu as a present. But baba #2 was outgrowing our trusted Noo Noo Pie & I needed to keep my hands...

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Rene Moolman
Rene Moolman5 ★4 weeks ago
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Amy Dunstone
Amy Dunstone5 ★1 month ago

Just LOVE my carrier. My baby boy falls asleep almost instantly when he is inside 💙 Service was great, it arrived so quickly! Thank you 👏🏻

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Anel Coetzee Nagel
Anel Coetzee Nagel5 ★1 month ago

The BEST service EVER!!!! Ordered my Ubuntu Baba carrier, got it like 2 days later in a box with an awesome message from you guys. My heart melted! Thank you for the great (outstanding) service. You've put a smile on this almost-mommas face!!

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Antoinette Van Rooyen
Antoinette Van Rooyen5 ★1 month ago
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El-Mari Smit
El-Mari Smit5 ★1 month ago
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May Coomer
May Coomer5 ★1 month ago

Love my Ubuntu! My baby girl lives in eat during the day. Makes looking after my 3 year old a breeze.

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Kara Bouma
Kara Bouma5 ★1 month ago

Such a fantastic product! I am fairly petit and have a big baby and I can wear the carrier for hours without feeling the weight or getting uncomfortable. My baby loves it too! She has the best naps in her ubuntu baba. An absolute travel essential too!

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