Ubuntu Baba organic hemp baby carriers offer you the support you need to step out into the world again with confidence, freedom and style.

Not only has it saved me from mild post natal depression, it also seems to be one of my sons favorite places to be! You can sense the time and effort put into making this a baby and mommy friendly carrier.
Stefanie Schoeman
So suicide hour turned into pleasure hour as little Ethan was UbuntuBaba'd... he slept for 3 hours solid! Love it! I even got the chance to watch Dora the Explorer with my daughter for the first time in two months. Lifesaver!
Leanne Fairweather
My newborn and I both love this carrier. It’s super comfy, and puts her right to sleep, even when all else fails. Has been great for walks, cooking, and spending time with my older son.
Nicolette Rosin
It was important for me to find a carrier with the best ergonomics for baby, as well as great support for my back. I asked on the NINO Babywearing Facebook group and UB came highly recommended. I could not be happier!
Giselle Soares
Best service ever! Love my carrier. I’ve been meaning to let you know that it's been such a pleasure wearing this that even my little Olivia had to give you a smile.
Michelle Mareë
Just bought my 3rd Ubuntu! I love the color and the comfort of this carrier, I use it every single day. The friendly service is also what keeps me coming back!
Benita Debra Porobich
Ben loves being carried on my back and was fast asleep in about 3 minutes. Going to make our UK trip a breeze! Thanks for all the help!
Amy Keller
The stage 2 carrier is super comfy and lightweight. They truly went above and beyond to make sure we had a carrier that worked for us. This is an incredible product and the service you receive is just outstanding!
Nicola Greeff
I wore my carrier at a flea market on Saturday and she was very comfy, I breastfed her inside too and she fell asleep! Very happy with my carrier!
Joy Terry
As a plus size lady I was worried I wouldn't fit into any carriers or be able to babywear, Ubuntu Baba Stage 1 doesn't only fit, it's comfy! And thats from 2 weeks post c-section. Amazing! Their team are super hands on, friendly and helpful, I'd recommend Ubuntu Baba to anyone.
Elana Botha
I love the carrier! What a pleasure on the back and my little loves it. I took it for a final test run on the beach this morning along with my preschooler and it worked a charm.
Zani Lamb
We love the carrier! Even hubby commented on it being a good purchase :) It was a saving grace this weekend! I could put her in the carrier in the afternoons when she was a bit fussy and I needed to make supper. she even nodded off the one time, became really quiet and when I looked back her eyes were shut! :) HALLELUJAH!
Marion O'Neil
My hubby and I both find our Ubuntu Baba super comfy - a great hiking trip in the berg and my toddler even decided to sleep on the hike which never happens! I carried her for about 2 hours and no discomfort at all. Love it!
Kelli Paulsen
My husband and I love the ubuntu. In fact we argue over who gets to carry baby! The best money I spent, most importantly it doesn't hurt the back and shoulders.
Zarina Chohan
Relaxes baby and he's pretty much fast asleep the moment he's in it. It's amazing. The hood is something special too, makes him feel very cosy and safe and blocks out sunlight and wind. Is lot of thought went into the make of this carrier, and I am so happy with it.
Samantha Owen
We struggled for a while to find a carrier that was both easy for me to use, breathable as we live in a very hot area and comfortable for our little girl. It is by far the comfiest carrier we have used and they provided wonderful service and advice to make sure we had a comfy fit!
Laura Bachinger Ritchie
Not only has it saved me from mild post natal depression, it also seems to be one of my sons favorite places to be! You can sense the time and effort put into making this and I love the feel of the fabric and it seems to be padded in all the right places. Feeling grateful, blessed and so much more able to go out into the world!
Stefanie Schoeman
After several attempts with different slings, wraps and carriers, this is the only one my 5 month old enjoys. It’s super comfy for both of us and the service was outstanding, thank you!
Claire Miles

Light, breathable and easy to use.