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To help new parents step out into the world again with confidence, freedom & style.


‘I Am Because We Are.’

As a sleep deprived and frustrated first time mom, Shannon McLaughlin, founder and creator of Ubuntu Baba, quickly realised that her baby needed her 24/7 and the only way she saw to make that work was to have him on her body...

She set out in 2015, purchasing 6 different baby carriers trying to find the perfect one. Struggling with all of them, she realised that to solve this problem, she would need to design her own.

Having a Dad in the backpack manufacturing business and a Mom with a background in fashion design, she had resources at her disposal and set out to reach her goal of creating an easy to use, breathable and comfortable carrier that could be used from the newborn days onwards and grow with her baby.

After many different prototypes, and assuring her design team (aka Mom and Dad) time and time again that; “okay, I swear this is the one!”, Shannon finally managed to design her dream baby carrier. And with that, Ubuntu Baba was born.

With her baby boy comfortably asleep on her chest, she could now continue on her journey of motherhood with comfort and ease.

“What I’ve learnt from my experience is that parenthood is the start of a beautiful yet challenging journey, add babywearing… and it makes it a whole lot easier!”

Selfie in the very first Stage 1 carrier, Feb 2015.

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