The UB Story

The idea to start Ubuntu Baba came from being a frustrated first time Mom who had no idea what she was doing. All I knew was that my baby needed me 24/7, and the only way to make that work for both of us was to have him on my body.

After purchasing 6 different baby carriers and struggling in one way or another with all of them, I could see that I wasn’t going to find what I was looking for. So I set out to make my own. With my Dad being in the backpack manufacturing business and my Mom being a fashion designer back in the day, I could thank my lucky stars that my idea was one I could make happen!

My goal was to create an easy to use, breathable and comfortable carrier that could be used from the newborn days onwards. After many different prototypes and assuring my design team time and time again that; “okay, I swear this is the one!” – I finally managed to design my dream baby carrier.

With my baby comfortably asleep on my chest, I could finally continue my journey of Motherhood with peace of mind. #toahappynow

First selfie in the very first Ubuntu Baba Stage 1 carrier in Feb 2015.

Parenthood is the start of a beautiful yet challenging journey and we’d love to be there to help you step out into the world again.

Shannon McLaughlin
Founder, Ubuntu Baba

Meet the Ubuntu Baba team


Behind every great product, is a team of great people. Each and every one of the baby carriers that leave the Ubuntu Baba factory floor have been meticulously inspected by our professional staff so you can be rest assured you’re investing in only the finest quality product.

Ubuntu Baba team

The Ubuntu Baba factory team: Delia, Nadia, Charmaine, Shiraz, Angeline, Fazlyn, Sandra, Nicolette, Rodney & Franklin.

Paul McLaughlin

Head of Manufacturing

My Dad is the man that took my idea of designing my own baby carrier and made it a reality (with lots of nagging from me!) With 40+ years of knowledge and experience in the textile and manufacturing industry, he runs the show at the factory and is involved with everything from creating the patterns to testing our products with his (very cute) grandson.

Sian Williams

Chief Operations Officer

Sian is the owner of Glow Yoga studio and Mama to a beautiful little boy, we are blessed to have Sian with us, with her vast knowledge and experience of the e-commerce & marketing world, as well as being a qualified pre & post-natal yoga instructor, baby massage instructor and doula, Sian has quickly become an invaluable part of our UB family.

Megan Eadie

Certified Babywearing Educator

Mama to 2 gorgeous little girls, Megan works from our Ubuntu Baba Boutique Shop in Westlake Lifestyle Centre. You can find her there Mon-Fri from 8.30-1.30pm where she runs the shop and does 1-on-1 babywearing consultations to make sure you're 100% happy with your purchase. She also loves a good chat about anything motherhood related and hosts our '4th Trimester Chats' meetups.

Nadia Khan

Office Manager

Nadia makes sure your orders get from our inbox to your front door as quickly and as beautifully as possible, and that they're sprinkled with magical sleepy dust in the process (yes we really do that!). Mama of 2, she works from our factory in Retreat and also assists with the day to day running of the factory. She is also an amazing baker, and often spoils us with her delicious cakes! Checkout Nadia's Delights on FB. 😉

Samantha Wright

Social Media Manager

Sam is an Ubuntu Baba Mama and we met through the internet, she loved her carrier so much that she wanted to work for us, although she lives in PE, and we're in Cape Town! She has joined our team as Social Media Manager and is the friendly Mama who answers all your messages and comments on our social media platforms. She also posts our daily stories and makes sure we're all kept up to date with the gorgeous pics that our customers tag us in!

Olivia Fox

In-house Photographer

Owner of My Tiny Teepee, I fell in love with Olivia's Instagram feed about as quickly as I fell in love with her after we met. If she isn't laughing, she's crying about how much she loves her 2 little boys and she is honestly the most stylish human I've ever met. Liv moves through life with joy and laughter and when behind the lens, she is able to capture the most special of moments.