Our Story

Throughout my pregnancy I had this beautiful vision of what my life as a Mom would be like. I just couldn’t wait for ‘the hard part to be over’ so we could begin our journey as a little family of 3.

I’d be a stylish work-at-home mom with my totally blissed out little bundle of joy sleeping peacefully right beside me. I’d kiss those chubby cheeks all day long and meet up with friends for a quick coffee while he slept peacefully next to us in his pram. Dreamy sigh while I scrolled through my Pinterest feed of my soon to be life…

And then he arrived. #realitycheck

I very quickly came to realise that my beautiful vision was not becoming my reality. Those first 12 weeks were seriously challenging. If he wasn’t in my arms constantly, there were tears. And an equal amount of those tears were my own.

My first babywearing experience

New mom + stretchy wrap = ingle angle silver bangle disaster. I eventually got the hang of it, in fact I became quite the pro, but with all that fabric wrapped around us during the hot Cape Town summer, we were both overheating, and unfortunately ‘on me’ was the only place he would sleep. After trying out numerous other baby carriers and having problems with the wide heavily padded waistbands hurting my c-section scar, I decided it was time to design my own.

Mission: Simple. Breathable. Comfortable.

My goal was to create an easy to use, breathable and comfortable carrier that could be used from the newborn days onwards. The one thing I really liked about my stretchy wrap, was how the shoulder straps criss-crossed at the back and distributed the weight nice and evenly around my shoulders, it was definitely the most comfortable for both of us, but I didn’t enjoy that I had to have 4 metres of fabric wrapped around us to achieve this. After many different prototypes and assuring my design team time and time again that; “okay, I swear this is the one!” – I finally managed to design my dream baby carrier.

First selfie in our carrier :)

With my baby comfortably asleep on my chest, I could finally have somewhat of a productive day, or even a chilled evening out with friends. Bliss! But enough about me, now it’s your turn :)

Becoming a Mom is the start of a beautiful yet challenging journey and we’d love to be there with you to help you find your balance and step out into the world again.

Ubuntu Baba Founder