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The Stage 1

The Stage 1 carrier
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Our organic hemp Stage 1 baby carrier is suitable from newborn to 14 months or 12kgs, whichever comes first.

For newborns, tie the drawstring at its very tightest position. Make sure their head is popping out the top of the carrier, with the rolled up hood supporting their neck, and follow the T.I.C.K.S guidelines for safe babywearing. 

Once your baby is correctly positioned in the carrier, add a pelvic tilt to ensure your baby is comfy and that you have that perfect ergonomic “M” position. 

As your baby grows, you can release the drawstring, so you always have the perfect fit. 💗
T.I.C.K.S safety checklist
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Our Stage 1 baby carrier is quick and easy to use. Make sure you’re following these safety and comfort tips to make the most of your babywearing experience.

✨ Tight: Baby is tight but not too tight (baby has wiggle room).
✨ In view: Your baby is in view, and you can monitor their breathing.
✨ Close enough to kiss - can you easily kiss the top of their head?
✨ Keep chin off chest: Baby’s chin is off their chest - can you fit your finger underneath your baby’s chin?
✨ Supported back: baby’s back is supported and not slumping down into the carrier.

Also make sure -

✨ Baby’s legs are out of the carrier.
✨ The hood is rolled and tucked for neck support when not in use. 
✨ The drawstring is correctly tied, so your baby’s legs form the ergonomic “M” shape.
How to breastfeed
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How to breastfeed in the Stage 1 carrier. 👉 There are so many benefits of learning how to breastfeed in your baby carrier.

It can take a bit of practice to get right, but is totally worth the effort. 

Once you get it, you’ll be able to discreetly breastfeed on the go, with happy baby in tow!
Creating extra neck support
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Adjusting as your baby grows
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Troubleshooting: Neck strain
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Troubleshooting: Red marks
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Troubleshooting: Red marks 2
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Troubleshooting: red marks. 👉 Tight and snug, but not too tight. 

📷: @nicky_nix88

The Stage 2

Timestamps for your convenience:

00:00 – Stage 1 vs Stage 2
04:09 – Front carry position with H straps
10:29 – Front carry position with X straps
13:36 – Back carry position (the safest way)
19:09 – Back carry position (hip scoot)
21:45 – Back carry position (santa toss)
22:57 – Safely taking baby off your back
26:14 – How to breastfeed in your Stage 2 carrier

A detailed tutorial with Ubuntu Baba founder and baby carrier designer Shannon McLaughlin.