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Our Certified Babywearing Educator is here to help.

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

Megan has completed her Baby-carrying Consultant Course with Slingababy Training School UK.


Learn about babywearing or check your fit with Megan Eadie, our Certified Babywearing Educator.

"With my first born Sienna, I used my baby carrier for all her naps, at weddings, on the dance floor, at friends, restaurants, book club evenings and numerous holidays away. I carried her until she didn’t want to be carried anymore which was 3 years old and 18kgs later."

Babywearing has saved my life on numerous occasions with both my girls. I had my second born India in the midst of lockdown 2020 and suffered from post natal depression when she was 7 months old.

From breastfeeding in the middle of Dischem because I had mistimed her feed, to those early morning lockdown walks and just making it out of the house by 8.45am for a quick stroll around the block to keep me sane.

Those early morning school runs when India was a few days old and my husband was back at the office, I’d pop her in the carrier to walk Sienna into school. The numerous doctors appointments with my mom going through chemo and waiting for her in the hospital coffee shop.

All these moments in life that I was able to be present for. Babywearing allowed me to juggle everything and become the super mom I always strived to be. I could never have done it without my baby carrier as my helping hand.

Parents, I am here to help you in anyway I can, please reach out. I would love to meet you and your little one.

Megan Eadie
Certified Babywearing Educator

Megan with her first born Sienna, 2017.