Stage 1: 0-14 months


Designed to help you meet the needs of your newborn baby quickly and easily. Made from breathable and UV resistant organic hemp fabric, perfect for warmer climates.

  • Stage 1 Grey


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  • Stage 1 Sage


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  • Stage 1 Navy


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Kind words from happy mamas:

It was important for me to find a carrier that offers not only the best ergonomics for baby, but also the best support for my back. I looked to the NINO Facebook group for advice and Ubuntu Baba came highly recommended. I could not be happier with my gorgeous carrier!
Giselle Soares
Best service ever! LOVE LOVE LOVE my carrier! Thank you Ubuntu Baba! This arrived this morning. I’ve been meaning to let you know but it's been such a pleasure wearing this that even my Olivia had to give you a smile!
Michelle Mareë
I wore my carrier at a flea market on Saturday and she was very comfy, I breastfed her inside too and she fell asleep! Very happy with my carrier! Thanks!
Joy Terry
My newborn and I both love this carrier. It’s super comfy, and puts her right to sleep, even when all else fails. Has been great for walks, cooking, and spending time with my older son.
Nicolette Rosin
Can't imagine life without my Ubuntu, it is the best thing we ever bought for baby and it makes life so much easier. Its comfortable for me to wear and baby loves it. I use it every day even when just at home and when we go out.
Melissa de la Croix
This is the perfect carrier for us!! We enjoy going for long walks with it, and it's ideal for shopping and in and about the house. Great quality.. not a stitch out of place!
Irene Le Roux
So suicide hour turned into pleasure hour as little Ethan was ubuntubaba'ed... he slept for 3 hours solid! Love it! I even got the chance to watch Dora the Explorer with my daughter for the first time in two months. I think it’s going to save my life! Thank you!
Leanne Fairweather
We went for a long afternoon stroll and I was so comfortable! I actually feel like it improves my posture. Bubs slept the whole way and I could spend some special time with my big boy.
Didi Pringle
I love the carrier! What a pleasure on the back and my little loves it. I took it for a final test run on the beach this morning along with my preschooler and it worked a charm.
Zani Lamb
It's the greatest gift I have ever bought myself as a Mommy. I have always been a tom-boy and never ever thought I would have a child. Well now I am a besotted Mom! This baby carrier allows you to bond with baby while having both hands free ( a massive bonus as a Mom)! It is way more comfortable to hold my Hannah in it, and I can hold her for long periods of time. Hannah's falls asleep almost immediately (in Baby time). I get to take her for walks. The fabric is amazing! And it's so simply and quick to put on. I wish every Mom could own one. And Hannah is in kissing distance and she gets to be close to my heart ❤️❤️ I LOVE LOVE LOVE my carrier As a first time Mom!!!!
Candice Erasmus
Love my Ubuntu Baba. It’s very comfortable and the only carrier my son likes! He gets hot very quickly and the Ubuntu Baba carrier works perfectly….
Lorica Potgieter Schonken
We struggled for a while to find a carrier that was both easy for me to use (I'm not good at tying things), breathable as we live in a very hot area and comfortable for our little girl. So we ordered the Ubuntu baba carrier. At first our little girl was not happy in it, but we persevered! Each day we put her in it for small amounts of time, we tried different times of the day and slowly she got used to it and started enjoying being in it. She will now happily sit in it while I do things around the house or for a walk outside. It is by far the comfiest carrier we have used and Shannon provided wonderful service and advice!
Laura Bachinger Ritchie
It's perfect value for money. I'm enjoying it. Nice and light weight. I used it a lot while out and about during the festive season.
Nwabisa Magxarha Sishuba
Had my first outing to the shops today wearing my 1 month old in my Ubuntu Baby carrier. What a pleasure! So easy to put on and she just snoozed comfortably while I cruised easily around the the shops. :)
Emma Brokensha
This is the most comfortable and easy-to-use carrier I have ever tried. I even prefer it to the wrap, which I absolutely loved when my little Isabella was first born. I use the Ubuntu Baba baby carrier every time I go out to the point where it now has a permanent spot in my car. I love the little pocket in the front and the adjustable head support or cover to protect baba from the rain or the sun. Even my husband wears it and is so comfortable. Isabella is also very comfy and I can actually feel a sigh of relief from her when she’s put in the carrier. It’s brilliant!! I would highly recommend this to anyone and have already done so.
Lisa Ferraz
After trying many baby carriers I can honestly say that I love love love my Ubuntu Baba carrier. I use it every day. Whether it be around the house with my teething baby or it be while shopping for groceries. It is so comfortable! I could wear it for hours. I also prefer it over my stretchy wrap as I used to sweat like crazy wearing that.
Pascale Cunningham
I’m in love with my Ubuntu Baba baby carrier. Not only has it saved me from mild post natal depression, it also seems to be one of my sons favorite places to be! You can sense the time and effort put into making this a baby and mommy friendly carrier and I love the feel of the fabric. The design is very well thought through and it seems to be padded in all the right places. It’s small enough to fit into a bag and tag along and the slick dark grey and cream colours make it stylish and suitable for anytime, anywhere and any outfit ;) Feeling grateful, blessed and so much more able to go out into the world!
Stefanie Schoeman
After several attempts with different slings, wraps and carriers, this is the only one my 5 month old enjoys. It’s super comfy for both of us. PS: the service was outstanding, thank you!
Claire Miles