Stage 2: 9 months+


Designed to be used from 9 months onwards in a front or back carry position. Use the shortening zip inside the pocket to adjust the height setting as your toddler grows. Made from breathable and UV resistant organic hemp fabric, perfect for warmer climates.

  • Stage 2 Grey


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  • Stage 2 Sage


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  • Stage 2 Navy


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Kind words from happy mamas:

Have to say, our stroller is gathering dust, as we haven't used it once in almost two months!! We love our carrier and I am recommending it to all I come across. It's super comfy, even for my 12.5kg 10 month old.
Xanilizé Badenhorst-Botha
Just bought my third Ubuntu - the upgrade Stage 2 in cream. I love the color and the comfort of this SSC! I use it every single day and every day am amazed by this amazing product. The friendly service is also what keeps me coming back!
Benita Debra Porobich
Ben loves being carried on my back! And was fast asleep in about 3 minutes! Going to make our UK trip a breeze! Thanks for teaching me!
Amy Keller
The stage 2 carrier is super comfy and lightweight. They truly went above and beyond to make sure we had a carrier that worked for us. This is an incredible product and the service you receive is just outstanding!
Nicola Greeff
Absolutely love my Ubuntu Baba Best quality and sooo comfy! And their support team has all the patience in the world - excellent service x
Charlotte Wesson
I'm quite a small mama with a big baba and tend to carry tension in my neck and shoulders. Finding a carrier that would support my baba well and be comfortable for me was really important. With my UB I hardly feel the weight and baby boy is happy as anything, zooting around with me.
Danielle Court
We love the carrier! Even hubby commented on it being a good purchase :) It was a saving grace this weekend! I could put her in the carrier in the afternoons when she was a bit fussy and I needed to make supper. she even nodded off the one time, became really quiet and when I looked back her eyes were shut! :) HALLELUJAH!
Marion O'Neil
My husband and I are both super impressed with the Ubuntu carrier! Super comfortable and very easy to adjust. Baby falls asleep in it within 10 min and I can carry him around for more than 2 hrs even though I have very weak core/back muscles.
Annelle Kurtz
My hubby and I both find our Ubuntu Baba super comfy - a great hiking trip in the berg and my toddler even decided to sleep on the hike which never happens! I carried her for about 2 hours and no discomfort at all. Love it!
Kelli Paulsen
My husband and I love the ubuntu. In fact we argue over who gets to carry baby! The best money I spent, most importantly it doesn't hurt the back and shoulders.
Zarina Chohan
We haven’t been baby wearing from the beginning, although in hindsight I don’t know why. I think we didn’t bother because we didn’t see the point of spending money on a carrier when we could do it for free. So, for 14 months I have been carrying my lb, literally everywhere. He just wasn’t happy in the pram and wanted to be held which was fine for a while. He’s bigger now, and heavier, and we couldn’t carry him anymore. We had heard about Shannon’s carriers and decided to go for it. We wanted to support someone local and her ‘try before you buy’ offer appealed to us. I knew it would be difficult, L wasn’t used to a carrier and I knew he’d be frustrated at first. I put him on my back and set off for the beach the day after I got it to distract him. He was niggly at first but was quickly distracted and stopped complaining. After playing on the beach for a while, he allowed me to put him on my front for the walk home with little fuss. Success! It was the first time I was able to go for a walk on the beach on my own since L was born. The first time in 14 months. Freedom. The next day we attempted Newlands forest. Dad put him on. He wasn’t happy at first but as soon as we started moving he calmed down. Ten minutes in, he was asleep. He stayed that way for the next two hours and for the duration of our hike. How we spent our free time had been limited up until we started babywearing. We have successfully been able to do the seemingly impossible a few more times, comfortably, since then. Thank you Shannon and Ubuntu Baba for allowing us a lot more freedom.
Anna van der Westhuizen
I really like the quality of this carrier. It’s made from a super strong natural fabric that holds my almost 12kg son snugly on my back. The wide waistband helps to distribute his weight more evenly across my lower back and hips. The shoulder straps are well padded & cushy. Both these features together with the various adjustment straps make for a much more comfortable wear than my previous carrier. There is such attention to detail on this carrier. I love the little elastics at the end of all the straps so you can tidy them up if they are too long. I also love the plastic sliders on the chest strap which make it so easy to adjust the height. I especially love the little “lift adjustment” at the back as it allows me to get Dylan in a more snug fit (closer to my back) and offers just a little more lift to help him sit a bit higher up on my back therefore balancing the weight between my upper back and lower back – which helps increase my carry time. While there is still a limit to how long I can carry for, it’s definitely a lot longer now and more comfortable. I can get through a 30 min cooking session with a happy baby and a happy back! It’s also been an indispensable tool for putting Dylan to sleep within minutes when he’s overtired or just bouncing off the walls refusing to be put down.
Michele Minnaar