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Nicola Schoeman

This article was written by Nicola Schoeman.


Breast is best, isn’t it?

Back around 50 years ago, you’d give your precious 3 month old a lick of ice-cream, formula or boob, and it really wouldn’t matter much to the majority of people, no-one would bat an eye. Science then told us that breastmilk is, in fact, superior to formula and now everyone…
Nicola Schoeman
July 22, 2018

How to have a relationship… and a baby!

Many babies are rocked, swayed and bounced to sleep during those first few months, and yes, it's so very exhausting! There's no doubt having a baby around the house takes a toll on your relationship as there's a completely new dynamic at play - sleep deprived parents + friends and…
Nicola Schoeman
September 19, 2017