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Birth Stories

Birth StoriesInfertility

I was that 1 in 8… The hardships of infertility.

#TheAndersonTwins. They didn’t just happen. It was a long, long road. When I reflect back on my life, it was one of two of the longest, hardest and unending paths I’ve walked that will forever shape my life. I was that 1 in 8. Five years. Five rounds of IVF. Fibroids. Endometriosis. Adenomyosis. Surgery. A miscarriage... and that’s…
Wisaal Anderson
October 8, 2018
Birth StoriesMotherhood

Reflecting on my “failures”

We very recently celebrated Zoë's second birthday, and of course, together with the joy of celebrating this beautiful milestone, comes a time of bittersweet reflection. I am looking back on 2 years of mistakes, failures, achievements and successes of being a mom. I wrote the piece on my birth experience…
Marinda De Jongh
July 30, 2018
Birth Stories

Coming to terms with my story

Photo by Annie Kruyer. Boobs, sex, birth stories. You might be thinking these are 3 weird subjects to put together. But hear me out. So before I had a baby I loved my boobs. When I fell pregnant, I loved my boobs even more. 2 extra cup sizes? Yes please!…
Shannon McLaughlin
July 25, 2017