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Can we normalize mediocre Mother’s Day?

You know, like for all the mamas who were up all night with a fussy babe and then up at the crack of dawn with the toddler. And for those mamas whose partners totally dropped the ball on a gift and flowers and breakfast in bed or any sort of…
Ubuntu Baba
May 10, 2021

I’m only three

Toddlers are hard. Really hard. They talk about the terrible two's but for me, those never really arrived. I had the terrible first month, and second month and basically first year. Because I just didn't realize how much of a slap in the face motherhood really would be for me.…
Shannon McLaughlin
April 21, 2019

Motherhood in an #instaperfect world

My son is now 4, which means I get to shower alone most of the time. Sometimes he is sitting there watching me, shouting things like "poop-bum" and then falling over and laughing his head off because he can see my bum... but other times, I'm alone. Alone in the…
Shannon McLaughlin
November 11, 2018

Where am I in these pics?

I’m so tired. Is it even possible to be this tired? I scroll through old photos on my phone, photos from like 5 years ago. My skin was plump and glowing. The bags under my eyes, ok they were still there, but they weren’t THIS dark. There were so many…
Shannon McLaughlin
September 9, 2018
Birth StoriesMotherhood

Reflecting on my “failures”

We very recently celebrated Zoë's second birthday, and of course, together with the joy of celebrating this beautiful milestone, comes a time of bittersweet reflection. I am looking back on 2 years of mistakes, failures, achievements and successes of being a mom. I wrote the piece on my birth experience…
Marinda De Jongh
July 30, 2018

Dear pregnant me

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write this post for you. I’ve been meaning to do it since day 1 of lying in that hospital bed, feeling like I’d been dropped out of an aeroplane at 10,000 feet into an unknown land, with nobody to tell…
Shannon McLaughlin
July 8, 2018

Though she be but little, she is fierce…

Photo © MooMoo Kids I am rapidly learning that every day with a little human is a school day. Not only are they learning new things seemingly every day, but we, as their parents, are too. We sometimes might think we’ve got it all together and have some sort of…
Samantha Aitken
May 20, 2018