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How to have a relationship… and a baby!

Many babies are rocked, swayed and bounced to sleep during those first few months, and yes, it's so very exhausting! There's no doubt having a baby around the house takes a toll on your relationship as there's a completely new dynamic at play - sleep deprived parents + friends and…
Nicola Schoeman
September 19, 2017
Health & Wellness

Back pain & your new mom body

When I fell pregnant, I was in pretty good physical condition. I walked 5kms daily, practiced yoga, ate really well throughout my entire pregnancy, and as far as pregnancies go, I'd say I had a good one. After my baby arrived I expected that I would bounce back within a…
Shannon McLaughlin
February 19, 2017
Special Projects

Project Wrap Conversion!

When I first discovered babywearing I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole would go. Just under 2 years later and here I am literally losing my mind over a woven wrap conversion we just made, if you don't know exactly what that is yet... here's a little behind the…
Shannon McLaughlin
July 31, 2016