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You know you’re a Mom when…

By January 21, 2016Motherhood2 min read
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Sometimes being a Mom makes me want to throw a tantrum like a toddler. Take my afternoon yesterday… my little man has been teething and I’m pretty sure it’s those darn eye teeth, so his appetite has not been as amazing as usual. I decided to put some extra effort in and make him the most colourful plate of food I could for dinner in the hope that he would actually eat it.

I steamed some baby carrots (okay fine, I microwaved them in the Woolies bag), I cut all 30 of them into the perfect bite-sized pieces for his little fork and I even went the extra mile and drizzled them with honey. I boiled some mielies because they’re nice for him to bite into with his sore teeth, I sliced some grapes in half and sprinkled this colourful meal with feta cheese, his favourite.

I proudly presented him with his meal of favourite things. His face lit up as he peered up to see what I was about to layout in front of him and then… if you’re a Mom I’m sure you know the answer.

And then he laughed like it was effing hilarious and pointed to his sippy cup of rooibos tea across the room. Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!! I wanted to get down onto my hands and knees and smash my head against the floor like he does when he gets mad. Maybe I did, I can’t remember… #sleepdeprived

Yip… life of mom.

It’s in moments like these when I give up all hope and turn… to Pinterest. Sometimes I just need to be reminded that I’m not the only Mom in the world going through Mom stuff – and when I start to see the humour behind my life, it brings me back down to earth and I realise that a little food on the walls, in my child’s hair and on the carpet, isn’t actually so bad. In his defense he did eventually eat about a quarter of the food off the floor. #winning #proudmom

So today I thought I’d share with you my top 10 parenting meme’s from the world of Pinterest! Feel free to share them with any new Moms who may need a laugh today.



Shannon McLaughlin

Author Shannon McLaughlin

Shannon is the Founder of Ubuntu Baba baby carriers. She is passionate about helping new parents adjust to 'life with baby' through the art of babywearing and talking about the reality of motherhood in the 21st century.

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