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Locally made baby (& mama) products that rock!

By November 21, 2017Support Local4 min read
Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

It’s almost time for our end of year UB Mama Celebration and we have some fabulous prizes to give away on the day, sponsored by some more of my favourite local baby brands. I wrote a post a few months ago about locally made baby products that rock, so I thought I’d do it again, to help you find some super cool local products for your little ones (and you).

All of the brands listed below will be giving away a little something this Sunday at our Kirstenbosch meetup, along with 1 very special UB carrier! A big thank you again to all the brands involved.

Luxury Natural Skincare Products by Skin Creamery

Ever since I was young, I’ve been obsessed with making sure my skin is moisturized from head to toe. So I’ve tried many different body creams and lotions. I’m all about simplicity and natural products, so much so that I used to just live with a jar of coconut oil in my bathroom and cover myself from head to toe in the stuff. However, after pregnancy, I seem to be a lot sweatier… another wonderful after-effect among the many, hahaha, and I just can’t handle coconut oil all over me anymore. I tried many different natural creams but Skin Creamery’s everyday face and body lotion is my absolute favourite, and I’m not joking when I tell you that I could see and feel a noticeable difference in the softness of my skin within 7 days of using it. It’s made using baobab, coconut and jojoba oils, smells delicious and really is amazing stuff! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

Lia and Reese Maternity – Willowbridge

Our latest stockist of Ubuntu Baba carriers, Lia and Reese have the most gorgeous local brands in store! So worth a visit and I’m actually quite sad that I only discovered them now because their baby clothes and accessories are to die for. You can see a passionate Mama (Janine) runs this store and does all her own buying and merchandising. They stock quite a few of the Instagram brands that you don’t find in very many other places besides the markets, I just wish I knew about them when my little guy was still tiny enough to fit into their stuff. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

Sophie & Jane Lingerie

And another brand I wish existed during my breastfeeding days! Seriously, nobody wants to wear those preposterous bras you find in most of the baby shops. They cost a fortune and are the most unsexy things known to womankind. Thanks goodness for Julia, she started Sophie & Jane after having the same issues, and now all breastfeeding mamas can wear functional AND sexy bras. Designed specifically for breastfeeding, but really perfect for everyday wear too. I love them. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

Tiger Lily Tots nesting dolls

I mentioned these in my last post, but I love them so much, I’m featuring them again. Of all the toys we buy, it’s the oldest concepts that keep coming back. These nesting dolls by Tiger Lily Tots have been such a hit with my son, he plays with them for half an hour straight and I find it’s a great calming down game at the end of a long day. You can even have them customized with your little one’s name, super cute! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

Maddon & Cole – Kids Clothing & Decor

Besides their clothing being rock star (they literally have a cap for little people that says rock star!), this company is run by such a lovely Mama named Keren – if you visited us at the Lilliput Market in Stellenbosch you may remember her helping out at our Ubuntu Baba stand. Seriously cool, high quality clothing, made in Cape Town! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

If you have any more awesome baby or Mama buys to add to the list, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and let’s spread the local mama love!

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

Shannon McLaughlin

Shannon is the Founder of Ubuntu Baba baby carriers. She is passionate about helping new parents adjust to 'life with baby' through the art of babywearing and talking about the reality of motherhood in the 21st century.

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