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Locally made baby products that rock!

By August 10, 2017Support Local6 min read
Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

I always swore that my house would NOT be taken over by baby crap lying all over the show. We started out pretty well, but by 6 months of age we had accumulated a ridiculous collection. And it was everywhere! Gifts, silly spur of the moment purchases that I thought would make life simpler but they didn’t and… baby crap lying all over the show. Exactly what I didn’t want.

However, we’ve simplified a lot since then and I must say I haven’t bought very much from any baby retail store in ages. If we need something, I usually lie down on the couch with my iPhone in hand, make my way through Instagram until I find the item I want, and clickety click, it gets delivered to my door. Made locally, by a mama. THE BEST! (see what I did there ;)

So today I thought I’d share some of my most favourite locally made baby products with you:

Teepee play tents by My Tiny Teepee

From the moment I sent my enquiry through to My Tiny Teepee, I knew I was working with a special mama. Olivia’s attention to detail is what made me the happiest as I wanted to get the perfect teepee in time for my son’s birthday and I’m a fussy customer! It was a magical experience and I wish I had discovered these teepees earlier because it’s been such a special little hideout for him to not only play in, but sleep in. It makes the transition from cot to floor bed so easy, and then there is no risk of them rolling out of their bed in the middle of the night, which means you can sleep peacefully without worrying. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

Stylish baby & toddler clothing by Little Panda

I came across this brand last year when we were doing our styled photoshoot (watch the behind the scenes video here to spot the Little Panda clothing and beanies) and I just love their little outfits. Not only are they extremely well priced, the quality of the clothing is top class. I bought my son a pair of these fox leggings below and being a skinny bum they were a bit big for him, I put them on him anyway and he can still fit into them now, 1 year later, they’ve been washed numerous times and still look brand new, no jokes. That’s the kind of quality I love! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

Gorgeous & unique works of art by Watercolour Heart

This girl is one in a million. Like really and truly, Jess is literally my favourite person I haven’t met. She does the most beautiful artwork for all occasions, but her baby portraits are one of a kind. Absolutely beautiful and she takes you on a little journey from the beginning to the end of the project making you feel like you have really played a special part in the process. Pure love. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

Pure Creations moonlights for babies room

I just love these moonlights from Pure Creations for creating a soft light in babies room, especially for the night feeds when you want to keep the room nice and dark but still want to be able to see what you’re doing. They come in many different designs and the special thing about them is that this was Nadine’s very first product. She has since expanded and now creates beautiful artwork prints, cushions and her latest addition are her absolutely exquisite ‘divine feminine heartwork prints‘. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

Tiger Lily Tots nesting dolls

Of all the toys we buy, it’s the oldest concepts that keep coming back. These nesting dolls by Tiger Lily Tots have been such a hit with my 2 year old, he plays with them for half an hour straight and I find it’s a great calming down game at the end of a long day. You can even have them customized with your little one’s name, super cute! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

Lily ‘n Jack snuggle bunny

If I had to choose 1 piece of advice to give a new Mom, I would of course choose babywearing! But second to that, is to get a Lily ‘n Jack snuggle bunny! I don’t know what it is about these bunnies, but babies love them. My son still has his bunny at almost 3 years old and when you ask him why he needs his bunny, he says “so I can go to sleep!” Some serious magical sleepy dust! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

Pine framed abacus by Gigil

I simply love the products that this local Grandmama makes! This abacus was gifted to my son by a good friend of mine and I love how it’s not your typical abacus, but actually has some style. It’s oversized and really well made and you have plenty customization options too. Because it’s on a frame, you could also hang it on the wall for an interactive wall art experience. Follow them on Facebook.

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

Super light balance bike by FirstBIKE

Last but certainly not least, is the award winning FirstBIKE balance bike. I must say I was a little hesitant about this to start because I thought the idea was to start with training wheels, but apparently we’ve been doing it backwards all along. My son isn’t your typical little boy, he is very gentle and has never taken much to bikes, so I’m so happy that he’s taken to his FirstBIKE, I’d try and explain the concept behind it for you, but the video below does it perfectly! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

If you have any more awesome baby buys to add to the list, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and let’s spread the local mama love!

Ubuntu Baba Baby Carriers | South Africa

Shannon McLaughlin

Shannon is the Founder of Ubuntu Baba baby carriers. She is passionate about helping new parents adjust to 'life with baby' through the art of babywearing and talking about the reality of motherhood in the 21st century.


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