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first time mom


How to have a relationship… and a baby!

Many babies are rocked, swayed and bounced to sleep during those first few months, and yes, it's so very exhausting! There's no doubt having a baby around the house takes a toll on your relationship as there's a completely new dynamic at play - sleep deprived parents + friends and…
Nicola Schoeman
September 19, 2017

When motherhood feels like too much

Motherhood is a big change, you will never be the person you once were, and that's ok. But it takes a while sitting in between who you were and who you've become to be really happy inside. When I first had my babe I felt overwhelmed, unsure and had no…
Samantha Aitken
July 3, 2017
Health & Wellness

Back pain & your new mom body

When I fell pregnant, I was in pretty good physical condition. I walked 5kms daily, practiced yoga, ate really well throughout my entire pregnancy, and as far as pregnancies go, I'd say I had a good one. After my baby arrived I expected that I would bounce back within a…
Shannon McLaughlin
February 19, 2017
Lessons Learned

7 Reflections on my 2nd year as a Mom

"I can't believe he's turning 2 years old, where has the time gone?" is what most of my friends and family have been saying lately. Well just check out these grey hairs and these rings under my eyes... and I can tell you a couple stories about where the time has gone!…
Shannon McLaughlin
August 16, 2016