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Sleep Deprivation

Dear Mama in the 4th trimester

Being in the industry that I'm in, I'm exposed to a lot of new Moms and babies. Most often that not, I'm rather surprised at how well they're coping. Because in comparison to my memory of the 4th trimester, they seem to be doing pretty good. When I think back,…
Shannon McLaughlin
March 11, 2018

What is it with this Mom guilt?

I'm not going to lie, my 3 year old is currently challenging me like I've never been challenged before. I consider myself a gentle parent, but these past few days... phew, I've had some low moments. What is it with this Mom guilt? Does it ever go away? I watched…
Shannon McLaughlin
October 23, 2017

How to have a relationship… and a baby!

Many babies are rocked, swayed and bounced to sleep during those first few months, and yes, it's so very exhausting! There's no doubt having a baby around the house takes a toll on your relationship as there's a completely new dynamic at play - sleep deprived parents + friends and…
Nicola Schoeman
September 19, 2017
BabywearingPapa Bears

The Ubuntu Papa

There is absolutely nothing sweeter than seeing a dad wearing his babe. Those teeny, tiny sparrow legs peeking out of a carrier against a man’s big frame is just so special. When a baby is born, some dads can feel a little like the third wheel in this new relationship.…
Samantha Aitken
August 14, 2017
Support Local

Locally made baby products that rock!

I always swore that my house would NOT be taken over by baby crap lying all over the show. We started out pretty well, but by 6 months of age we had accumulated a ridiculous collection. And it was everywhere! Gifts, silly spur of the moment purchases that I thought would…
Shannon McLaughlin
August 10, 2017
Birth Stories

Coming to terms with my story

Photo by Annie Kruyer. Boobs, sex, birth stories. You might be thinking these are 3 weird subjects to put together. But hear me out. So before I had a baby I loved my boobs. When I fell pregnant, I loved my boobs even more. 2 extra cup sizes? Yes please!…
Shannon McLaughlin
July 25, 2017